About me

A Whitehat hacker that goes by the name BXY/Boxxy, Still learning a lot of stuff.
Mostly I test the security of websites and servers.
Recently learning c++, BufferOverflows and Reverse engineering of binary's

If you are into hacking and in search for a dutch hacking forum visit Hackflag.org

Without going in to much detail, i work at a helpdesk.
And in my spare time I scour the web for vulnerable sites/servers.
I do however always inform the owner of the website when i find a vulnerability, so they can patch it!
The reason for this is because I'd like for everyone to have their site secured.

Do you want me to test your site or server for free? use the contact page!
Remember that I do need some kind of verification of you being the rightful owner of the website/server
Also i won't test your site/server for Denial of Service for obvious reasons.